Entanglement & Occupation

Given that the OWS movement has been a consistent object of preoccupation on this blog (and everywhere else) recently… and that Adam has already posted, today, on both OWS and quantum mechanics… I thought it might be worth posting a link to Catherine Keller’s piece that’s up, today, on the new blog Theology Salon. OWS and quantum proverbs in one package. A sample:

It is hard now to see how such a rag tag assembly of micro-assemblies can do more than inconvenience the 1%. But it may: for might there be untapped power in the very mystery, the unspeakable uncertainty, of our creaturely entanglement? Might this process release new flows of democratic force, capable of operating at once immanently to the current system even as it transcends it? Can theology—even its theos and its logos—help? S/he/it will not save us from ourselves. But knowing that, now, might help us better tap the convivial life and spirit that pre-occupies the creation.