Okay, Now I’m Just Mad

While I’ve been supportive of #OccupyOakland since it’s beginning, showing up from time to time for marches, chatting at the camp, scratching some of the Occupying Doggie bellies, I remained pretty dispassionate about it all. But this shit . . . this shit ain’t right.

I bailed on work for a few hours this morning to check out the aftermath. I was expecting the worst but not quite how emotional the worst would make me. I was, quite honestly, shaking with a mixture of rage and sorrow. I was, to be even more honest, close to tears. Perhaps it was because I had so little invested in it all, and thus felt slightly guilty? Maybe it was just a general sense of impotence? But I wanted to scream “You break ours … We break yours,” and not as an idle threat.

This is all so unbecoming the distanced posturing we’re supposed to take at AUFS. But fuck it: I am angry.

UPDATE: This post was written in a strange emotional place. I want officially to retract my “distanced posturing” comment here. It wasn’t intended as a snipe but I certainly see how it functions as such. Not in any way related to the greater point of the post, such as it is, but I do retract.

7 thoughts on “Okay, Now I’m Just Mad

  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bytMNoKNeRA&feature=youtu.be <– Video haphazardly shot this evening in Oakland, for those who can't be there to witness it.

    I'm infuriated these events are happening, I can only imagine what the people involved and/or close to it are feeling. I remember the even first night I did the general assembly in LA how angry and passionate I was about it all, and we have yet to see any real violence down here. I simply can't imagine. It makes me ill, Solidarity is a powerful thing.

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