AAR/SBL open thread

I thought it might be helpful to provide a forum here where we can point out AAR/SBL panels that feature friends of the blog or are otherwise of interest to our audience, as well as plan things like room sharing, etc. For my part, I’m taking part in a panel on Negri’s The Labor of Job on Saturday morning from 9:00-11:30, over which Roland Boer will be presiding.

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  1. I will test aufs loyalties! … as i’ll also be in a 9-11.30am Sat panel, “Spinoza and Religion.” I’ll be talking about Spinoza and conversion. And i’ll also be in a 9-11.30 Sun panel on the _After the Postmodern and Postsecular_, with Anthony presiding. Brad will be a panelist, along with other luminaries.

  2. I’ll be presenting at both AAR and SBL. At AAR, it will be on religion in Doctor Who as part of a wildcard session on religion in sci-fi:

    Sunday – 3:00 pm-4:30 pm
    Room: CC-2014

    Kimberly Rae Connor, University of San Francisco, Presiding

    Science Fiction (SF) is the genre of limitless possible worlds with a unique ability to pose, examine, and suggest answers to the most profound questions and to envision transcendence beyond realist literature. Along with religion, SF is where large numbers of the American public go to explore the meanings and purposes of human existence. Why this is so has to do with the construction of SF narratives upon scientific facts about the world and spun through the inexhaustible possibilities of the human imagination. SF’s technique of “making strange” the world so that we can better see ourselves and our predicaments allows us to reflect on our most basic questions about what it means to be human. This session takes the genre, modes, themes and techniques of SF as launching points for examining religion through a critical idiom that asks similar questions and suggests alternatives to traditional understandings of religion.

    Theme: Religion/Science/Fiction: Beyond the Final Frontier


    Rudy V. Busto, University of California, Santa Barbara
    Bruce M. Sullivan, Northern Arizona University
    Susan L. Schwartz, Muhlenberg College
    James McGrath, Butler University
    Robert Geraci, Manhattan College

    The one at SBL will be about the Mandaeans and their use of New Testament materials in one famous work:

    Aramaic Studies
    1:00 PM to 3:30 PM
    Room: Yerba Buena 11 – Marriott Marquis
    Christian Brady, Pennsylvania State University, Presiding

    James F. McGrath, Butler University
    The Satirical Use of Christian Material in the Mandaean Book of John (20 min)

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