The Synaptic Gospel: Cover, Updates

While many of you are shmoozing, talking, and AARing at the AAR/SBL this weekend, and I am nestled at home, I thought I’d provide an update on my book…  Here’s the cover, with which I am very pleased.

If you’re still interested in pre-ordering The Synaptic Gospel, I can still accept a limited number of orders.  You can do so by sending $29 to cdrodkey [at] yahoo [dot] com or mailing me a check for $28–send me a message to reserve your copy if you’re going to use snail mail.

You can also “like” the book on Facebook by clicking here and doing the “like” thing.

I have a few signings lined up for next year–all in Pennsylvania, most are private affairs and only one is open to the public–but if you’d like me to come to your church or college and speak or do a signing, please message me to see if we can make that happen.  Aside from next year’s AAR, I may be making tripts to the Nashville and Chicago areas in the summer.

And finally, a few of you have asked me about Kindle versions or e-book versions.  I know that Rowman & Littlefield are planning some sort of e-release but I don’t think it will have any discount to the print version.  Thanks!


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