Clayton Crockett Podcast

I encourage everyone to head over here to check out a conversation on radical political theology with long-time AUFS friend, Clayton Crockett.

7 thoughts on “Clayton Crockett Podcast

  1. Thanks Jeremy, and also for suggesting me to Tripp in the first place last summer. It’s painful to listen to myself, but I thought they did a nice job with the interview. On another note, I’m very sad that you’re shutting down your blog. You’ve done theological thinking a great service with it, and it’s amazing how seriously you’ve been able to engage and work through so much material at such a high level without it even being your primary job or course of study.

  2. I’m sure the interview went well, I haven’t had the chance to check it out yet. I’ll admit a growing dissatisfaction and disappointment with the majority of theology. Other than liberation theology and radical theology the rest of academic theology is dull, predictable, unimaginative, and conservative. Hopefully I can find some time to post more on psychoanalysis on this blog, once I find some free time.

  3. I like the term “predictable.” I was in a clergy meeting recently where the pastors were saying, “I think God is telling us to re-claim Joseph in Christmas this year.” My colleagues went, “mmmm,” like something quite wise was stated and applauded. Of course you think that, you said the same about Mary last year–qualified with some statement of not taking Mary quite as serious as Catholics–and you said the same thing about Joseph the year before that. Theology works the same way; someone seems to re-discover kenosis about every other year, too.

  4. I would also say that anyone at AUFS who wants to disseminate their theological work to a larger, more orthodox audience should let me know so we could try and set up an interview at Homebrewed Christianity. They were really open when I encouraged them to interview Clayton, and I think ti’s a nice way to get some more exposure.

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