Book Discussion Group Announcement: Omensetter’s Luck

At long last, after at least one broken promise that I can recall, our discussion of William Gass’ debut novel Omensetter’s Luck is almost upon us. We’ve assembled a team of crack readers who will, starting next Monday, address the novel — some theme chosen or recurring, some criticism, some reflection, etc. You still have a week to start reading and readying yourself to take advantage of the opportunity to talk intelligently about a smart book. A week to find yourself a copy of the book — beg, borrow, or steal — so you might participate as you can. Ring in the holidays with the luckiest unlucky man who ever lived & his vaguely demonic friend & preacher. It’ll do your soul good.

10 thoughts on “Book Discussion Group Announcement: Omensetter’s Luck

  1. Yeah, I feared that it might be out of print in Britain. American experimental fiction from the ’60s is not a hot commodity in the British publishing world. The scandal!

    Guido, I think it is good. I do not know your reading tastes enough to know for sure if you will agree. I hope you find it worthy of what you paid anyway.

  2. Well, I tried Vienna, actually, that was the closest I came. But in my brief experience trying to get a bloody Goethe quote translated, I found the German there is *very* different! :)

    Right, sorted. Thanks Amazon.

  3. I was being sarcastic about Germany. They’re even less prone to US experimental fiction than the Brits, in my experience. This is why I’m still waiting for mine, and have actually ordered a 2nd one from the US just to see if that works.

  4. I got a copy from a bookseller here in the UK, but had to do a bit of trawling for it, and it’s the American edition (I assume it was published here, but burnt itself out in our bookshops brilliantly but quickly ). About 2/3rds of the way through here.

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