The Open

For those who are into human animal studies, posthumanism, or ecological criticism… I wanted to share an excerpt from the graphic novel project that I’ve been working on with the artist Krista Dragomer (all the artwork is hers… I’m doing text and concept). We’re calling it “The Open”, which I’m sure readers of this blog will recognize as a blatant crib of the Agamben text (a term that he, in turn, is cribbing from a line in Rilke’s eighth Duino Elegy). This is speculative fiction. The scene is a postapocalyptic (or, perhaps better said, counterapocalyptic) future earthscape. The border between the biological and the digital is now so permeable, and manipulable, that the planet becomes overpopulated with hybrid species–creatures who’ve “recreated” themselves by fusing with animal parts and machine bodies. The “pure humans” who remain make what they call an “evolutionary move”. They abandon The Open and sequester themselves in a planet of their own making: Terra Pura. What we’ve published here on Trip City is just the Intro and Chapter One. The theological themes won’t yet be obvious… not until later chapters, when we introduce The Worm.

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