On Diaspora Book Event Announcement

The next AUFS book event will be on Daniel Colucciello Barber’s On Diaspora: Christianity, Religion, and Secularity, which was recently published by Cascade Books. This is the second book event we’ve done with an AUFS author and, as we did before with Adam’s, we’ve asked people who don’t normally write for the blog or who only write occasionally to participate by writing a main page post on the book. We have a great line-up (more on that once we’ve heard back from everyone) and all that is left now is for you, dear reader, to get a copy of On Diaspora now! (Currently UK readers can only purchase the Kindle version, but hopefully that will change soon. The event will take place in the second week of February, with posts starting on the 6th and continuing until the 15th. Dan’s book covers a lot of ground and is going to be of interest to anyone doing work in philosophy of religion, on the relationship between theology and philosophy, or politics and religion. So, pretty much anyone who reads AUFS. We look forward to you joining us.


10 thoughts on “On Diaspora Book Event Announcement

  1. This is great! I wanted to start it but because of my lack of knowledge on Spinoza I was still looking for a way in to the discussion (i.e. I did not want to read it on my own). I have the book and I am ready to read!

  2. Kampen, in regard to your comment above — the book could be read out of order, in the sense that i’m drawing on various fields, and so different chapters might provide different readers with a fitting point of entry. if you’re into Spinoza, chapter 1’s great, if you’re into theology, maybe chapter 2 is a starting point, if you like anthropology of religion/secularism or history of religion, chapter 4’s a place to start, and _everyone_ seems to be into Paul, so in true pauline spirt just forget your particular point of view and come together in chapter 3 (ha!)

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