On Diaspora Book Event Schedule

We are a week out from the start of our book event on Daniel Colucciello Barber’s On Diaspora. If you haven’t had a chance to get a copy of the book now is the time! The book is made up of five chapters and our schedule will follow these each day of the event starting next Monday, Feb 6th. The focus of the posts will be an engagement with the ideas and very little summary, so if you’d like to join in the conversation it is imperative you get a copy of the book and read along.

Reading and Post Schedule

Feb 6th – Chapter 1 “Immanence: Namelessness and the Production of Signification” (Daniel Whistler)

Feb 8th – Chapter 2 “Diaspora” (Ry Siggelkow)

Feb 10th – Chapter 3 “The World in the Wake of Pauline Thought” (Adam Kotsko)

Feb 13th – Chapter 4 “Christianity, Religion, and the Secular” (Bruce Rosenstock)

Feb 15th – Chapter 5 “The Differentiality of Differentialities” (Beatrice Marovich)

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