The Synaptic Gospel Sale and Children & Youth Ministry Conference in DC

Sorry to so shamelessly promote, but I have a special offer:  You can get your own copy of The Synaptic Gospel directly from me for $1-5 less than other venues, for $23.99 delivered.  This deal is a special promotion until Monday 2/27, and I have a limited quantity that I can offer at this rate.  Simply Paypal the funds to me (cdrodkey [at] yahoo [dotcom]) and you will soon get it in the mail; if you’d rather pay another way, e-mail me directly and I’ll make sure I reserve your copy.  You’ll note that this price is even less than Amazon’s. 

Also, while I’m at it, I’ll also mention that I will be offering a workshop on The Synaptic Gospel at the Children, Youth, and a New Kind of Christianity conference in Washington, DC, this May.  This conference is shaping up to be an interesting event; keynote speakers include Jeremiah Wright, Brian McLaren, John Westerhoff, Tony Campolo, Joyce Ann Mercer, Dori Baker, and others.

Finally, you can still help support the book by “liking” it on Facebook here.  Thanks!