In a world…

Waiting for Godot is one of the greatest classics of the 20th century. Its lovable characters and unique setting have been capturing imaginations for over fifty years. Yet so many questions remain unanswered at the end! This summer, all those mysteries will be revealed, in Waiting for Godot II: They Also Serve… Who Kick Some Ass!

This ground-breaking sequel begins with a flashback, exploring how Vladmir and Estrogon met — and came to be lovers. Similarly, we learn of their time in college with Pozzo, a pretentious child of privilege, and Lucky, a budding scholar with a passion for tennis. Yet this group of friends is divided by the revolutionary movement led by the charismatic Godot. While Vladmir and Estrogon quickly emerge as Godot’s most trusted lieutenants, Pozzo and Lucky work for the reaction, and Lucky develops a memory-erasing ray that will ironically backfire, leaving him a shell of his former self.

We see the war that leaves the countryside a desolate wasteland, where only a feeble tree is able to cling to life. We see Lucky’s memory gun run amock, leaving our four main characters unable to keep track of time or remember their past life — except for an unbreakable conviction on the part of Vladmir and Estrogon that Godot will rescue them.

We then rejoin the present of the play and witness Vladmir’s epiphany: Godot hasn’t come yet… because he’s been kidnapped. So begins an epic quest to rescue their leader and overthrow the evil ruler who holds him captive — and in finding him, to find themselves again.

[Rated R for violence, sexuality, intense battle scenes, and existential angst.]

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