The hardest-working man in academia?

Some people sometimes mistakenly identify me as a model of academic productivity. In order to correct this impression, I’d like to quote from a post of Roland Boer’s in which he announces he’s completed the manuscript of Lenin and Theology:

But that made me realise that I have a few other books appearing this year. In another instance of shameless self-promotion, here they are:

Criticism of Earth: On Marx, Engels and Theology. Due out with Brill in May this year.

Nick Cave: A Study of Love, Death and Apocalypse. Also due out in May, now with Equinox.

The Earthy Nature of the Bible: Fleshly Readings of Sex, Masculinity and Carnality. Published by Palgrave Macmillan and due out in October this year.

Criticism of Heaven: The Author’s Cut. Published by CCLM in Taiwan, in the Sino-Christian Studies Supplement Series, and due out soon.

Finally, the paperback of Criticism of Theology: On Marxism and Theology III. Also due out in May, with Haymarket.

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