Open thread: Obama denunciation

I invite all my readers to use this thread as an opportunity to vent all the bile and hatred they feel toward Obama. Do you think he’s failed to achieve his liberal goals due to wimpiness? Do you think he’s strung along the left with his neoliberal Republicrat agenda? Do you view him as a fascist who’s worse than Bush?

Don’t let us forget your favorite left-wing critique!

16 thoughts on “Open thread: Obama denunciation

  1. I think of Obama as a second-time-farce version of LBJ. Reform at home, violence abroad. The shitty-ass drone wars don’t approach the carnage of Vietnam; neither does the ACA come anywhere near the cataclysm, for accomplished good and political ill, of the Great Society. Instead it expands access to health care considerably while consolidating the power of corporations in the provision of health care and in the political imagination. And no Democratic president in between has achieved anywhere near as much.

  2. But Adam, you preempted all criticism with your liberal “Yeah, yeah, what else ya got?” logic, by which if facts or arguments are well known, they become inadmissible.

    Who would want to bore you with endless drone terror, the surveillance state, attacks on whistleblowers, Wall Street, being another decade away from full employment, destroying the New Deal, etc.? There’s nothing fascinating and new there, and you already know all of that and more.

  3. It is interesting to consider that the odds of a morally upright person reaching the office of president are slim to nonexistent.

  4. Barack Obama is a shill who rode into office with leftist rhetoric and branding and commenced carrying out the same agenda as Bush Jr. in most areas. From day one he has been siding with banks and perpetuating the economic status quo, handing them more money and power. His limp assistance for homeowners only came in the wake of continued outrage over the foreclosure crisis and the shameless handouts to financial institutions. He has deported more human beings from this country than any previous president. He has constantly sided with Israel in its perpetual intransigence in colonizing the West Bank and its imprisonment, bombing and starvation of Gaza. He has increased US troops in Afghanistan even as it was clear that the US occupation was doomed. He has continued aerial drone attacks in Pakistan, Yemen and elsewhere, killing scores of people. He stood idly by when protests rose up against Hosni Mubarak, with his realpolitik mouthpiece Hillary Clinton expressing support for the dictator, then had the audacity to claim the US supported the Egyptian people. And let us not forget Bahrain, which underwent a massive military incursion by our other favorite regional ally, killing hundreds while the state then prosecuted many others, all without comment. He has presided over the growth of the surveillance and police state, standing by without comment (naturally, allowing his delusional followers to project their hopes and dreams onto him) as police beat and evicted Occupy protesters around the country, arresting and detaining journalists attempting to cover these things. Bradley Manning is STILL in prison and facing serious charges for leaking the awful truth about US foreign policy. The FBI and CIA have continued to entrap people, and especially Muslims.

    And this only skims the surface. What a farce. And after all of this he will be reelected and cheered on by dumb, pseudopolitical liberals whose only insights are campaign talking points and how fucking attractive Michelle Obama is.

  5. Don’t ask me, man. I’m a monarchist, so I wouldn’t be the best source for left-wing critique. I don’t think you want to hear a monarchist criticism of Obama.

    Oh, what the hell, here’s a short one: The king must always be on his guard against Jacques Coeur, and watch him carefully.

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