Spoiler Alert Thursday: Mad Men, Dark Shadows

Remember a couple weeks ago, when dbarber, Adam and Dave noted that this season has been weirdly thematic?

I had hoped last week we were moving away from that trend, but this episode was pretty ridiculous.  To sum up, it’s about how people often want back the things they used to have, and then they get jealous of the people who have those things now.

The most preposterous example of this was Don, who misses being a copywriter and deliberately undermines Michael in order to get his own idea produced.  Why would Don do this?  And over a dumb soft drink account.  He’s someone who has always respected good work — his resort to subterfuge  seemed so out of character.  (And why isn’t Peggy more competitive about Michael? Is she really so consumed with Mohawk?  The whole thing seemed odd to me.)

I found the episode’s theme operating on another level as well, as Bobby v. 4 had me wishing we could have Bobby v. 3 back.  I’m so sorry I ever complained about you, Pixie Bobby, wherever you may be.

5 thoughts on “Spoiler Alert Thursday: Mad Men, Dark Shadows

  1. I agree that many of the episodes this season have been peculiarly thematic. But I don’t know why this is necessarily a bad thing. The show still has plenty of nuance and subtext. I really enjoyed this particular episode; it had a nice soothing effect on my CNS.

    Anybody else find it odd that Stan of all people was the one to know the rest of “Ozymandias?” Also, I commented late on last week’s Mad Men post, but I found it intriguing that Pete was reading Pynchon’s “The Crying of Lot 49” on the train.

  2. Anybody else find it odd that Stan of all people was the one to know the rest of “Ozymandias?”

    Yes, this totally surprised me too.

  3. I was impressed that Roger seemed genuinely sorry that he “ruined” Jane’s new apartment. It was a stark contrast to Don’s very Don-like declaration, “I don’t think about you at all” when Ginsberg was complaining about his work getting thrown out.

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