I am Larry David: Cooking with Jean-Luc Marion Edition

To add to the announcements of awesome publications by contributors of AUFS, I just completed the foreword to my church’s 200th anniversary cookbook.  It is the surely first church cookbook to reference Marion, and I am glad to have accomplished this before anyone else.  What better way to introduce a book of Pennsylvania Dutch recipes than with a word about “the saturated phenomenon?”

My spouse often says, “You are so Larry David,” so I share those adventures here.

5 thoughts on “I am Larry David: Cooking with Jean-Luc Marion Edition

  1. Actually, today the editor of the church cookbook said something to me about what I had submitted for the foreword–which apparently in church cookbook lingo is called the “personal page.” It made me think of the Curb Your Enthusiasm episode where Larry was asked to do a “page” for some scrapbook of some sort, and he kept asking, “what is this ‘page?'”

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