Don’t forget how much you love sociopaths!

When planning your Monday evening, give some thought to coming to my talk over Why We Love Sociopaths at 57th Street Books in Hyde Park (1301 East 57th St.). This event, organized by Anna Kornbluh of the Interccect reading group, will be starting at 6pm.

(You should probably plan to come early so that you can go to Powell’s and the Seminary Coop while you’re down there.)

5 thoughts on “Don’t forget how much you love sociopaths!

  1. Hyde Park is “a ways” from the north side, but getting to the bookstore is relatively simple — from downtown, you could take either take the Jackson Park Express (#6) bus, which can be caught anywhere on State St. between Wacker and Congress, to 57th St. or else (perhaps ideally) the Museum of Science and Industry (#10) bus, also available on the same stretch of State or else on Michigan north of Wacker. From further north, you may find it more efficient to take the Red Line to Garfield and take the Garfield (#55) bus across to Kimbark. Or I guess some people have cars?

  2. I bought my copy and I used to live around the corner in Hyde Park. Still finishing Awkwardness but looking forward to Why We Love Sociopaths.

    -Sincerely, just another blog-stalker

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