8 thoughts on “Critchley on Mormonism

  1. I didn’t find Faith of the Faithless to be particularly helpful beyond a few bits here and there (his critique of Zizek is nonsensical), but I skimmed this and saved it to read later and it looks good. Thanks for sharing.

  2. “Religion is such a strange and pointless thing.” “All religions are illogical and weakens one’s grasp of reality.”

    I love reading the top comments for pieces like this; it’s a good reminder that a majority of people have no capacity to grasp how ideology functions and how deeply they are immersed in it.

  3. Women cannot be priests or prophets or aspire to an exclusively masculine divinity, which seems petty, a pity and rather silly to me. But there we are. And I don’t even want to get into questions of race and the historical exclusion of blacks from the Mormon priesthood until 1978.

    It’s all cheery, wide-eyed, good-natured embrace of the radical, romantic audacity of it all until he runs into this bump in the road. Why suddenly revert to NYC liberal type on this aspect of things if you’re supposedly delighted by all those other heretical vistas? Rather gives the lie to the whole setup, I thought.

  4. AK,
    Can you define “weirdness” as you use that word here? Do you mean something like “unfamiliar” in that it is different from Christian theology in several very very important ways? Or do you mean something else?

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