3 thoughts on “The return of Awkwardness

  1. It’s weird. I’m sure you will, but other than Hatherley and Seymour, has any Zero author published a second book? Where’s Mark Fisher’s, for instance? Or Nina Power’s? Or Dominic Fox’s? Or any of the others? Strange. One-hit-wonder press? Maybe they should call it “Zero Plus One But No More.”

    Maybe the peril of going with bloggers: they dumped the contents of their URLs into a pamphlet, get invited to give talks, but really that is that at that point.

  2. They do seem to prefer publishing one book each, from a wide range of authors (not a bad inversion of the typical academic press, who tend to prefer authors they’ve already published), but there are some other multi-book authors for them. In addition to those you’ve mentioned, plus Kotsko, they’ve published two each by Chris Bateman and Tariq Goddard, and five (!) from local AuFS favorite Graham Harman.

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