Agamben translation updates

I recently answered copy-editing queries for The Highest Poverty. My next step will be to edit the proofs, which should be taken care of in the next six to eight weeks (i.e., by the end of the calendar year). Assuming everything stays on schedule, the production editor has estimated that the book will be released in April.

This week, I also submitted a completed manuscript of the translation of Opus Dei, which now must be approved either by Agamben or by his designated proxy. The original goal was to stagger the two books by a few months, with The Highest Poverty coming first (by Agamben’s request). If this step takes about the same amount of time as it did for The Highest Poverty, and if the other production steps follow suit, that’s what will happen.

It’s nice that I’m getting these Agamben translations off my desk for a few weeks, because that leaves me time to write my AAR presentation about Agamben and revise an article about Agamben that is going to be appearing in an edited volume about Agamben. Soon I should also be getting copy-edits back on an expanded version of my recent blog piece on Agamben, which will be appearing in a special issue of Political Theology devoted to Agamben. Then over the winter break, I’m planning to read some of the secondaries on Agamben to see if there are any major gaps in coverage that I could remedy with a book about Agamben.

Agamben Agamben Agamben. Agamben!

3 thoughts on “Agamben translation updates

  1. Thank you for the update! I follow your blog because I am currently working on a theological appropriation of Agamben’s work on poetics and temporality (rhythm) for my doctorate. It’s an area of Agamben’s thought that has been neglected, by theology in particular. Unfortunately, I will not be at AAR as I live in the UK, but I look forward to the forthcoming translations and the edited volume on Agamben.

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