Neoliberalism as the bosses’ revenge

Seth Ackerman’s piece on Hostess has been making the rounds, and it’s well worth a read for the way it points out the feudal attitudes beneath the technocratic neoliberal veneer: even though the company’s offer to the union was almost unheard-of (a 30% paycut?! who would stand for that?), commentators have been inclined to blame the union becuase it’s just inherently wrong for workers not to know their place.

Indeed, I have increasingly come to view neoliberalism as capital’s revenge against workers after their brief ascendancy in power in the mid-20th century. Imagine the indignity of spending decades negotiating with filthy workers who think they’re people! Surely the bosses must extract as much value as possible from them to make up for all that lost time!

One thought on “Neoliberalism as the bosses’ revenge

  1. I walked onto an unfamiliar college campus today and was awed at the expensive and elegant construction. And then I thought, “here is the face of oppression,” as I realized that most of their instruction is performed by adjuncts making less than minimum wage.

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