11 thoughts on “It’s official

  1. In, like, twenty years “devil theology” is going to be an academic thing. Are you going to be the Thomas Altizer of devil theology?

  2. Hurry! And then, in twenty years, let me know if you want some help shopping for really outrageous and out of style jackets. I’m good at picking out gems like that from waste piles.

  3. It’s a relief to have all this planned out in advance.

    In all honesty, though, when I was reading Cyril O’Regan’s Gnostic Return in Modernity, I started to get these vast ambitions for a multi-book series on the devil — and my advisor had this look of horror and said, “Do you want to become Altizer?”

  4. That’s a great interview. It’s nice to hear your voice after reading you all this time.

    Out of curiosity, did they stick in somewhat random surges of quiet drumming to dramatize the conversation, or was that just somebody banging around in the background of wherever you recorded?

    Very much looking forward to the devil stuff, whenever you get around to writing it.

  5. The Dog walked in periodically, making tap-dancing noises on the hardwood floor — but I can’t know for sure, since I’m physically incapable of listening to recordings of my own voice.

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