3 thoughts on “A brief review of Less Than Nothing

  1. Thank you for this review. Having lived with the Zizek quote in this review, “They are answers, and intellectuals should propose the questions to which they are answers” for several days now, I find it to be a very appealing formula for the strategy of teaching. It compresses the core of existentialism. It is compatible with my understanding of Heidegger. I am currently reading the Rojcewicz translation of CONTRIBUTIONS where Heidegger insists that beyng remain hidden and in question.

    I am unimpressed with Lacan (as I understand him via Zizek) and his reversion to Cartesianism. (I have made only one unsuccessful attempt at Nancy’s long essay on Lacan. It remains on my ‘to do” list.) As I have so far found unconvincing Pippin’s (and likewise Zizek’s) analysis of Hegel as post-Cartesian, I remain distant from Lacan’s enthusiasm.

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