Easily type diacritics in Windows

One frustration with switching to Scrivener has been that I lost Word’s simple key-combinations for typing diacritical marks. That led me to declare that my next computer would be a Mac simply because they have system-wide support for typing special characters easily. Whatever may turn out to be the case on my computer purchasing choices, I have learned from the intrepid @benladen that you can easily set up Windows to have a similar capability — just set your keyboard to “U.S.-International” and the key-combinations are actually even easier than in Word for typical special characters. More details are available here.

4 thoughts on “Easily type diacritics in Windows

  1. For practical purposes, you should probably switch to the normal mode when you aren’t going to need special characters — this mode introduces some weird behaviors that it would probably be hard to get used to for general-purpose typing. It’s simple to set up keyboard shortcuts for switching, though. I have Ctrl+1 for normal, Ctrl+0 for international.

    Presumably the Mac approach is more elegant, etc.

  2. I second the “Go Mac,” especially for laptops due to the better build quality. I have a Windows power desktop and Mac Air. Since I do a notable amount of French philosophical translation, the ease of diacriticals is welcome. For those not familiar with it, when you press and hold a key, all the diacritical variations within that language group appear in a popup window, and you just select one. It was built into the OsX operating system awhile ago, so it works with most any program.

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