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I recently was asked to speak with Gordon Faylor at an event here in Philadelphia hosted by Blnkt, an art and theory series. I don’t know why but I am always more nervous to speak in front of artists, writers, and poets than I am philosophers and scholars of religion. But this was a really good group of people and it was good for me to see some of this scene in Philly, since most of my existence consists of walking through my rough neighborhood, sitting on a train, and walking through another rough neighborhood before teaching my students who are all talking my courses as a requirements and so less than thrilled. It was nice to be reminded that people like to think and that they write interesting things.

Anyway, I gave a talk, which I realized upon sitting down was untitled and so I decided to call it, in this iteration, “On Translation and Gingivitis”. You can download the audio of the talk. I talk about it there, but this is essentially one of my recent aborted articles that I had to give up. But the tone isn’t academic as such and so I like parts of it. There are a few good lines and that ain’t bad.

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    ANTHONY PAUL SMITH’S GNOSIS OF TRANSLATION: This links to an amazing talk by Anthony Paul Smith. Given that he talks a lot about his vision of childbirth I feel it a shame that he calls it an “aborted” article, and I would like to see a print “translation” of it.

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