Professional Announcement

I wanted to share some exciting news with the AUFS community. Recently I’ve been absent from the blogosphere as I’ve been busy interviewing for post-docs. Well, the search is over and I’ve been blessed to be granted a two-year fellowship at Austen Riggs in Stockbridge, MA. Riggs is a fascinating psychiatric hospital that still prioritizes 4 times/weekly psychoanalytic psychotherapy as the primary clinical intervention. I’m very excited to have this opportunity. Not only will I be able to do research on psychosis but they will also provide a generous stipend for my personal two-year psychoanalysis. Thought I’d share the good news.

12 thoughts on “Professional Announcement

  1. Jeremy, this is really great, i’m glad to hear. A time and place for thought to be done in the wake of its happening. Counteractualization.

  2. Thanks everyone. If your interested in learning more there are also some videos Riggs has produced on youtube –

    One of the innovative things the psychiatrists have developed at Riggs is psychodynamic psychopharmacology. In other words, they consider how transference, resistance, personality (and defenses) might mediate the patient’s response to the medication. Considering that biological psychiatry is the only game in town these days in US psychiatry, the majority of psychiatrists never consider these factors that greatly influence medication response.

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