New Issue of Analecta Hermeneutica and a Performance-Talk by H. Peter Steeves

Some readers may be interested in the latest issue of Analecta Hermeneutica which includes an article I wrote about secular Christologies in Contemporary French philosophy (warning PDF) where I trace the different engagements with the figure of Christ and Christological doctrines one can find in Badiou, Henry, and Laruelle. It is probably entirely predictable which one I valorize…

For Chicago readers I want to recommend H. Peter Steeves upcoming performance piece at DePaul University on Wednesday. Peter is an amazingly gifted thinker and these are always interesting and enjoyable.

Wednesday, May 22 at 7:00pm to 9:00pm
Student Center (Lincoln Park), 120 2250 N Sheffield Ave
Photo of H. Peter Steeves – The About Time Show

“The About Time Show is an interdisciplinary, multimedia investigation of temporality and the physics and metaphysics of time. We are all in the midst of time, at its mercy, held “green and dying,” hoping at best to sing in our chains like the sea. Yet what is time? It does not seem to be something in itself that we can experience, though it is necessary for there to be experience at all. We do not experience time, but rather we experience events taking place in time. However, if time can be warped and bent—as must be the case if space and time are essentially the same thing—then time must be some thing in itself. By taking up a philosophic analysis of the scientific and ontological issues in a way that engages the arts (especially literature, music, dance, and theatre) and the humanities, The About Time Show proposes to make clearer how we exist outside of eternity, caught up in a realm of Becoming rather than Being, investigating together what it means to be in time and even, perhaps, discovering how to travel backwards in it.”