8 thoughts on “How to Read Agamben

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    I think for a lot of people what draws them to Agamben is his historical reasearch while doing philosophy. Here is a good piece by Adam Kotsko one of his translators.

  2. I really like the comment thread on this one. It consists solely of a blockquote from Blumenberg. The comment is neither on topic nor off topic, neither positive nor negative — it is an inoperative comment that messianically suspends the very regime of commenting.

  3. ooh ooh! I’ll comment!

    I just last week stole a copy of Agamben’s ‘Kingdom and the Glory’ and quickly realized I was in way over my head. So thanks, Adam, I look forward to your how-to.

    You should, if you please, do Balibar next, because a recent N+1 article and Badiou’s long-time, barely concealed contempt for him makes me feel that I should hate him. I need to know if I should or not.

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