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Brandy (who also contributes to this blog) argues that white straight men have been missing the point (lately):

What might it mean to speak such boldness in our various communities? What might it mean to embody a joined boldness, born of intimacy? Does this mean arguing about whether we really are privileged or racist or sexist? Or, might it mean, as Dr. Jennings suggests, “becoming the common,” supporting and entering into community and solidarity with those who are oppressed.

“The ease with which arguments for gay marriage have found their historical analogy in comparison to interracial marriage has long given me pause.” From there, Amaryah unpacks the underlying racism in the theological unconscious of the rapper Macklemore.

E Lawrence looks at the implications of feminism for men and the possibility of a feminist masculinity:

Don’t expect feminist women to nurture-induct you into the world of feminism, especially if you resist it all along the way. Feminism is not about hating men, but neither is it principally concerned with saving men, and especially not on men’s terms.

After viewing the documentary How to Survive a Plague, Katie offers some powerful reflections on HIV/AIDS, embodiment, and solidarity.

Toni Morrison vs. David Brooks? I’ll take Morrison.

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