Indradeep Ghosh on Theology of Money

My collaborator Indradeep Ghosh, who is an MIT-trained macroeconomist who has made a profound and radical transition over the course of his career, to what is now a heterodox and deeply polysemic approach to economics, is currently posting a chapter-by-chapter commentary on Philip Goodchild’s Theology of Money, a text that was the subject of a major book event here at this blog several years ago.  I think his reading will be instructive for anyone interested in the economic endgame and ideological farce of the neoliberal hunger games.  Read, hear, and inwardly mark.

One thought on “Indradeep Ghosh on Theology of Money

  1. Very clear and interesting. Let’s hope it continues.

    OT : I find I cannot determine if Brad’s Twitter feed is satire or not. Well played sir.(?)

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