God: The Autobiography

This is not a recommendation, as I know neither the book nor the author. But, I just got word of it via email, and thought it might interest some of you. (It also gave me occasion to create, after years of avoidance, “God” as a post category.)

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In the month of July we are pleased to offer you God: The Autobiography, a selection from our summer crop of Chicago Shorts.
Franco Ferrucci’s God: The Autobiography begins the story of his creation. But, says god, “I admit, right from the start, that it was foolish to create winter … for all my love of the light I still have my dark side. Winter wasn’t my only half-baked idea.” Ferrucci’s god is, in the words of Umberto Eco, “a supreme but imperfect entity” and the “extraordinary” story Ferrucci concocts is “religiously enlightened and orthodoxically heretical.” The god of this autobiography is a tender and troubled soul, in need of understanding companions—and readers.
Get your free e-book of God: The Autobiography during the month of July. Enjoy!
God: The Autobiography is a DRM-free EPUB, readable on a wide range of devices. All titles in the Chicago Shorts series are DRM-free with no artificial ingredients or preservatives.
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