Forthcoming Book

Just a quick announcement that a book of mine — on Deleuze, in connection with many things, including Adorno, religion/secularism, and metaphilosophy/nonphilosophy — is coming out with Edinburgh UP in December. I’m happy to be able to post the cover at this point.


The price is rather high, though if the book gets enough attention there’s a chance of a paperback. So please feel free to order on behalf of your library.

7 thoughts on “Forthcoming Book

  1. TOC…

    — A Proclamation — Three Trajectories for Deleuze’s Immanence — Deleuze and Philosophy of Religion — Surveying the Argument

    1. Beginning With Difference: Heidegger, Derrida, and the Time of Thought
    — Heidegger’s Difference: A ‘More Originary Way’? — Don’t Think Ahead of Time: From Heidegger to Derrida — What Comes After Différance?

    2. Deleuze: The Difference Immanence Makes
    — The Architecture of Immanence — Re-expression and the Unconditioned Power of Immanence — Giving Intensity to the Mode of Existence — Virtually New — Is Time a Crystal? — Dividing Time — The Autonomy of the Product — The Ethics of Re-expression and the Naming of God

    3. Stuck in the Middle: Milbank, Hart, the Time of Chronos
    — ‘The Dog is in the Garden’: God’s Being and the Meaning of ‘Is’ — Violent Origins — The Interstice and the Accord — Ethics of the Crack — The ‘Suspended Middle’ — Back to the Present

    4. Yoder: From the Particular to the Divine
    — Against the Powers — ‘A Host of Other Free Agents’: Exceeding the Frame — Secular Creativity — Equality With God is Not Something to be Emanated — Time for Re-writing

    5. Adorno: A Metaphilosophy of Immanence
    — The Mediation of Nonidentity — Conceiving the More — ‘We lack creation’: A Deleuzian Metaphilosophy? — Shame, Suffering, and Metaphilosophy — Senseless Animals

    6. Icons of Immanence: Believe the Now-Here, Fabulate the No-Where
    — Bleakness and Belief — Intolerability — The Creation of Real Beings — Communication — Utopia — The Fabulation of Icons

    Conclusion: The Future of Immanence

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