Francophone Philosophy Today: Event Announcement

Francophone Philosophy Today

A Dialogue between Diogo Sardinha and Gabriel Rockhi

Date:  December 6th, 2013

Time:  4-6 p.m.

Location:  Bartley Hall 1001, Villanova University, 800 Lancaster Ave, Villanova, PA 19085

Sponsor:  Philosophy Department, Villanova University

After the towering figures of the postwar generation, as well as the more recent prominence of philosophers like Badiou, Balibar and Rancière, how can we best describe the current intellectual landscape in the Francophone world?  Are there recognizable trends and tendencies in the younger generation of thinkers?  What are the most significant or promising developments in Francophone philosophy at the dawn of the 21st century?

 Join us for a wide-ranging discussion that takes as its point of departure the iconic figures of the Anglophone translation regime in order to explore the voices that it excludes and the patterns of intellectual development that cannot be readily assimilated into the linear trajectory of Existentialism, Structuralism, Poststructuralism and beyond.

 Diogo Sardinha is the President of the Collège International de Philosophie in Paris, where he also heads the research program “Violence and Politics” (2010-2016). He is also a full member of the Center for Philosophy of Science of the University of Lisbon. His main books are Ordre et temps dans la philosophie de Foucault (L’Harmattan, 2011) and L’Émancipation de Kant à Deleuze (Editions Hermann2013), and he also co-edited Vivre en Europe. Philosophie, politique et science aujourd’hui (L’Harmattan, 2010). He is currently a Visiting Scholar at Columbia University’s Institute for Comparative Literature and Society, where he is working on a research project entitled “Anthropology After The ‘End of Man’: Kant, Foucault, and the Contemporary Renewal of the Reflection on Human Beings.”

Gabriel Rockhill is Associate Professor of Philosophy at Villanova University, Directeur de programme at the Collège International de Philosophie, and Director of the Critical Theory Workshop in Paris, France. He is the author of Logique de l’histoire: Pour une analytique des pratiques philosophiques (Editions Hermann, 2010) and Radical History and the Politics of Art (Columbia University Press, 2014).  He co-edited and contributed to Politics of Culture and the Spirit of Critique: Dialogues (Columbia University Press, 2011), Jacques Rancière: History, Politics, Aesthetics (Duke University Press, 2009) and Technologies de contrôle dans la mondialisation: Enjeux politiques, éthiques et esthétiques (Editions Kimé, 2009). He also edited and co-translated Cornelius Castoriadis’s Postscript on Insignificance (Continuum Books, 2011), as well as Jacques Rancière’s The Politics of Aesthetics (Continuum Books, 2004).