Progressive Youth Ministry Conference: March, 2014, in Chicago

Two summers ago, at the Children, Youth, and a New Kind of Christianity conference in Washington, DC, our U of Chicago Div school delegation–Thomas Bowen, John Vest, and myself–gathered for barbeque after Tony Campolo’s entirely disappointing presentation, asking, what if practitioners and scholars really gathered to talk about religious education that didn’t pander to evangelicals and their publishing sponsors, and was blatantly unapologetically progressive in their approach to teaching Christianity in the 21st century?

John Vest took up the cause, blogged about it, got folks interested, the JoPa group is involved, and now it’s happening:  Progressive Youth Ministry Conference, Wednesday, March 19-Friday, March 21, at Fourth Presbyterian Church, Chicago.  I’ll be speaking on radical theology and youth ministry, and perhaps offer some of one of my forthcoming projects, which is a new theology of the practice of confirmation.

You can register for the event here: