Chicago State University faculty fight back

In recent months, faculty from Chicago State University, a public university on the far South Side of Chicago, have taken to the internet to expose the chronic mismanagement of their institution. Their latest find is that the school’s Provost plagiarized significant portions of her dissertation, but the critiques have been fierce and wide-ranging — and the administration has tried repeatedly to get the blog taken down. Those with a taste for polemic will surely enjoy the blog, and it will be interesting to see the degree to which the blog winds up contributing to changes at Chicago State. For all our faults and political incompetence, academics are surely gifted at complaining — and so if complaining turns out to be a powerful political strategy, that would serve as a rare beacon of hope in the academic landscape.

2 thoughts on “Chicago State University faculty fight back

  1. ” if complaining turns out to be a powerful political strategy” heh, I predict a whole series of conference panels on this topic all of which assuming that this is a viable plan of action and the basis of the next “turn” in _____ theory…

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