Consider the possibility

Is this Left Forum panel a US propaganda psyop? I want to ask my comrades on the left to consider the possibility. After years of research, I have determined that conspiracy-based thinking is just the kind of obscurantism that thrives on the political right. The panelists seem determined to make a mockery of the left by going beyond the proverbial “circular firing squad” and accusing those they disagree with of being active collaborators with the enemy — effectively staging a Stalinist show trial that will confirm the worst suspicions of the persuadable mainstream. I’ll trace the origins of the Zizek Conspiracy Theory Industry to unhinged pseudonymous bloggers who now only talk to each other, having been blocked by all reasonable people. It is they who laid the groundwork for putting forth the model of 9/11 Truthers and Birthers as the pinnacle of hip “lefty” and “radical” thought.

4 thoughts on “Consider the possibility

  1. When I read their statement I had a double take. What’s sad is that these are supposedly accredited academics wasting both public and educational time on a witch hunt against someone who even affirms his provocative nature, but who has over the years worked to support academics in conference after conference. Supported young scholars across the world the best he could, traveling, speaking, confronting power where it stood.

    Worse yet is that if this is the Left then we have become our own worst nightmare, bringing anathemas, accusations, conspiracy (as you say), and an almost vicious and open turn toward a figurative reenactment of the Stalinist Era purges and show trials. How stupid and idiotic can we get? I agree with what you said above: we almost need to form a purge of such antics and academics of conspiracy with laughter and ridicule, jokes and farce.

  2. I assume the psyop line is just a harmless provocation like “Muslims don’t use toilet paper” or “Breivik can teach us about multiculturalism.”

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