Reading group at Bay Area Public School

I have officially arrived in San Francisco for the summer, as part of my ongoing effort to never stay home long enough to feel settled. I’ve mentioned previously that I was interested in doing a reading group, and I’ve been asked by the Bay Area Public School if I would like to host it there. I was honored at the invitation and immediately accepted — but now the question is what to do.

The two options I am most interested in currently are either to work through Heidegger’s Contributions to Philosophy: On the Event or else do one or two early Agamben works (Language and Death and maybe something else). It strikes me that the first would obviously be much less immediately accessible and would probably require a format much more like a “class” where I would need to do some kind of lectures to get people up to speed — but maybe people would like that.

Bay Area denizens — would you be interested in participating in either or both groups? Do you have any advice for me as to which option to prefer? Should I be thinking in a totally different direction?

6 thoughts on “Reading group at Bay Area Public School

  1. I would love to join in. My vote would be Heidegger’s Contributions, though that is pretty ambitious – but it could be a lot of fun. I’d also be down for early Agamben though.

  2. Hi, I would participate in either. Currently reading through Being and Time in a small group started by Robert Hurley, but I’ve been meaning to delve into those Agamben texts as well. Heidegger has a slight lead for me.

  3. Adam,

    welcome to the bay. i would be grateful, and I’m sure others would be, to participate (as much as I can) in BOTH reading groups. I know that right now there’s a Heidegger reading group (of Being and Time) happening via the public school, as well as an Agamben reading group (of The Coming Community). Each class would be totally welcomed and I imagine you would have some people attending both simultaneously. Also, many of the classes focusing on texts for extended time are reading groups, so I imagine lecture-type formats and strongly-guided discussions would be refreshing

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