One thought on “Update on Agamben reading group

  1. I wish I could attend. And p. 34 is right were Agamben calls for “a critique of dialectic” as “one of the most urgent task today”. It is often commented that Agamben methods is about the “inoperationalization” (or “indifferentiation” as Watkin calls it) of various dialectical machines (zōē/bios, auctoritas/potestas, animal/man), but the details about what exactly he’s engaging in Hegel’s dialectic are not always fully explored: surely it cannot be reduced to the thesis/anti-thesis scheme, nor to neutralization of oppositional binaries (what comes the more often are references to his analysis of Benjamin’s “dialectic at a standstill”). Jean-Luc Nancy is engaged in a similar “unworking” of Hegel’s dialectic (an “unworking” of the work of negativity), but there as well comments engaging frontally with Hegel’s dialectic are not abundant (a couple of texts come in mind).

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