“A City of Heretics: François Laruelle’s Non-Philosophy and Its Variants” Published

Angelaki has just published a special issue on François Laurelle’s non-philosophy and variants thereof (click here for the cover, the black cow being a reference to Harman’s review that I use as a trope in my introduction). I edited this collection and was very humbled and honored to try and bring together a number of thinkers whose pick up on Laruelle’s own. The topics covered move from animal ethics to religion to epistemology to art to media to politics and others. I see this as a testament to the plasticity and freedom that non-philosophy allows, something that was on display this last week in Cerisy where a a similar themed colloquium was held. I have listed the table of contents for the journal below with links to free downloads. These are limited to fifty and so I ask if you are interested but have institutional access to Angelaki to please not use the links below. I have invited the other authors in the journal to include their links here, but many will have their own ways of disseminating the link and will want to use their avenues instead. If you are interested in the journal and cannot gain access let me know.

Table of Contents:

1. Laruelle Does Not Exist: Editor’s Introduction

2. Principles for a Generic Ethics by François Laruelle (translated by APS)

3. A Science of Christ? by François Laruelle (translated by Aaron Riches)

4. Sexed Identity by François Laruelle and Anne-Françoise Schmid (translated by Nicola Rubczak)

5. Theorems on the Good News by François Laruelle (translated by Alexander R. Galloway)

6. The Theoretical Pragmatics of Non-Philosophy: Explicating Laruelle’s Suspension of the Principle of Sufficient Philosophy with Brandom’s Meaning-Use Diagrams by Rocco Gangle

7. With One’s Eyes Half-Closed, a Particle of Laruelle by Drew S. Burk

8. The Autism of Reason by Alexander R. Galloway

9. Notes on the Axiomatic of the Desert by Eugene Thacker

10. Proletarian Gnosis by Gilles Grelet (translated by APS)

11. Violence: The Indispensible Condition of the Law (and the Political) by Katerina Kolozova

12. The Animal Line: On the Possibility of a ‘Laruellean’ Non-Human Philosophy by John Mullarkey

13. On Generic Epistemology by Anne-Françoise Schmid and Armand Hatchuel (translated by Robin Mackay)

14. Against Tradition to Liberate Tradition: Weaponized Apophaticism and Gnostic Refusal by Anthony Paul Smith

15. Mediation, Religion, and Non-Consistency in-One by Daniel Colucciello Barber