Video of the “Breaking the Manichean Chains” Panel

This past Friday I was on a panel that Mark William Westmoreland organized for the Association of Graduate Liberal Studies Programs conference on Revolutions: Past, Present, and Future. Mark, Melanie Kampen, and myself all delivered papers which were recorded. The video is available to watch and please feel free to use this page for any comments or discussion. I thought Melanie’s and Mark’s papers were truly excellent and was very honored to be included. Some of what I presented comes out of discussions with Daniel Colucielleo Barber towards a paper I’m hoping we write together when we can carve out the time. The research is very much in early stages and very preliminary here.

2 thoughts on “Video of the “Breaking the Manichean Chains” Panel

  1. Thanks for posting. It was a pleasure to present with you two! I’ll also just add that my paper is a much shorter version of a chapter of my thesis. That just accounts for the condensed arguments here which are more elaborate in the chapter itself.

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