Recent My Name Is My Name Podcasts

So I’ve been very busy over the past six months, but as some projects have recently come to a conclusion I have been able to get a few podcasts up. Consider subscribing to the podcast, which you can do by simply searching “My Name Is My Name” on iTunes and other podcast apps. If you’re really lazy, you can use this link to subscribe via iTunes.

The three recent episodes are a conversation with Alice Rekab about art practice, non-philosophy, and her experience straddling two different post-colonial identities as a mixed-race Irish woman with roots in Sierra Leon. This was followed up by a conversation with philosopher George Yancy about how he became a philosopher, his work in critical whiteness studies, and the #BlackLivesMatter movement responding to recent racist police murders of black men and women. And then most recently a lecture by Joshua Ramey on neoliberal economics in the light of his studies on contingency and divination.

I hope these interesting and critical conversations help you get through the holidays! If you like them please pass the word on.