My syllabi for this semester

Shimer’s spring semester begins on Wednesday. This term, I will be teaching two sections of the Social Sciences capstone, entitled “Social Perspectives and Social Action” (PDF syllabus), and an elective entitled “Reading the Qur’an” (PDF syllabus).

What about you, dear readers? What are you teaching (or taking) this semester?

5 thoughts on “My syllabi for this semester

  1. Villanova: Two sections of Knowledge, Reality, Self (i.e., intro to philosophy)
    PSU Brandywine: Intro to Bioethics; Ancient Philosophy (as part of Global Programs, which involves a week in Greece)
    Drexel: Advanced Healthcare Ethics (online)

  2. I am teaching a critical thinking (informal and term logic) and intro to ethics course at Penn State York, and two short online courses on youth ministry and ecclesiology for Lexington Theological Seminary, spread out over the next couple months.

    Mark: We should chat sometime about Penn State….

  3. Still taking rather than teaching coursework. Probably my final semester without some form of teaching, though, as I move on to a PhD next fall (one way or another). I’ll be taking German Idealism, Intro to Cultural Studies (our program requires that you take the introductory course three times from three different professors in order to see how it’s taught differently), The Trinity, and The Idea of Love.

  4. I’m TAing for Modern Jewish Literature (but I don’t set the syllabus). I’m taking Pentateuchal Law, Aramaic (Old, Imperial, and Targumic), Akkadian, and Historical Linguistics of Classical Hebrew.

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