Upcoming Book Event: Mary-Jane Rubenstein’s Worlds Without End

MaryJaneRubenstein-WorldsWithoutEnd-coverIn August we will be hosting a book event on Mary-Jane Rubenstein’s latest, Worlds Without End.

…in which are discussed pre-, early-, and post-modern multiple-worlds cosmologies; the sundry arguments for and against them; the striking peculiarities of their adherents and detractors; the shifting boundaries of science, philosophy, and religion; and the stubbornly persistent question of whether or not creation has been “designed.”

I’ve had the good fortune of hearing her speak about the book, and it is an exciting, transdisciplinary tour of the history of philosophical reflection on cosmology, contemporary science, and perennial questions of religion. Catherine Keller will be introducing this event and we have a great list of contributors:

  • Marika Rose
  • Jonnie Russell
  • Anooj Kansara
  • Rebekah Sinclair
  • Lisa Gasson-Gardner
  • Beatrice Marovich