Magazine subscription recommendations?

Over the years, I have been an avid magazine subscriber. At times, I’ve had four going at once. I’ve done Harper’s (my first and longest, though I finally had to give up after the “maybe HIV doesn’t cause AIDS” article), The New Yorker, The Atlantic, n+1, New Left Review, New York Review of Books, Bloomberg Businessweek, and London Review of Books. The latter two kept me busy for a couple years, but I finally let my Businessweek subscription lapse and am now at a critically low level, contenting myself with LRB alone.

Hence I come to you, dear readers: should I add anything to my arsenal? Should I return to one of my past subscriptions? (For instance, has Harper’s bounced back?)

8 thoughts on “Magazine subscription recommendations?

  1. I don’t think anything has bounced back, although I’m not sure about Harper’s and the AIDS thing was about 10 years ago…Atlantic went downhill, probably gradually for a long time now, it’s not all bad but it was probably better in the 70s (I’m not that old but used to live with someone with a lot of back issues). NYRB I used to drool over (around 15-20 years ago?) and now I find it boring, I don’t know if it’s me or them that’s changed though. It’s full of the kind of things I wish I could learn the info in without actually reading.

    I guess the New Yorker is the one I’d probably get although there are often 5 page features about things I’d be interested in reading two pages about.

    Best advice is stock up on back issues of Mad.

  2. I somehow have a subscription to Architectural Digest. It comes to my apartment under my name. I never asked for it, and don’t pay for it. I wish it would stop. Fuck Architectural Digest.

  3. My only thought on the matter is don’t get a weekly. Every time we subscribe to a weekly, I end up going, “What? It’s been a week already?! Good lord!” It was distressing, but part of that could’ve been because I often hadn’t read any of the previous issue.

  4. Le Monde Diplomatique (no relation to Le Monde) : at its worst the best left blogs ever mustered, its best remaining unequaled.

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