Books I Blurbed in 2015

This may not be only bookish post before the end of 2015, but I thought I might do at least one a bit earlier than normal. As many of you may know, I manage a bookshop in Oakland, and occasionally write here & elsewhere about bookshop sort of things.

In addition to begging & pleading my coworkers for blurb-length reviews of new books for our monthly newsletter, I write them. Looking through this year’s collection, I was quite happy with my selections, if less so the write-up itself. Below you will find them all, along with a link to a fine bookstore that will happily (& affordably) send you or a loved one a copy. Alternatively, I’m sure that many of you live near a bookstore, independent or otherwise, and they would be happy to sell you a copy.

February (we don’t do a January one, because we send a flurry of them during December, and if I’m tired of assembling them I’m fairly confident our subscribers are a touch annoyed at receiving them)


MarchH is for Hawk

April (in celebration of National Poetry Month, we read poems instead of writing blurbs)



JulyWalking in Ice

AugustAn Indigenous Peoples

SeptemberThe Elephant Who Liked to Smash Small Cars

OctoberVisiting Privilege

Story of my Teeth

NovemberTram 83


Mexico Illustrated







2 thoughts on “Books I Blurbed in 2015

  1. I want to read all of these now. I put the “Elephant Who Liked to Smash Small Cars” on the to-buy list for my little son. He can’t yet read, but when he can, I’m starting him on a strict diet of “Brad Johnson recommends”!

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