If you’re curious about The Prince of This World

As I work on final revisions on The Prince of This World, I’ve reflected on the fact that last year at this time, I was just wrapping up my course “Theology and Politics of the Devil” at Chicago Theological Seminary and beginning planning for the book in earnest. During the winter break, I worked on an article [PDF] for Agon Hamza’s journal Crisis and Critique. Entitled “The Problem of Evil and the Problem of Legitimacy,” it anticipates the ways I link political theology with the problem of evil in The Prince of This World, as well as other more fine-grained arguments.

This was also when I started preparing for a series of lectures on the origin of the devil out of the tensions of the political theology of the Hebrew Bible, which served as the basis for my first chapter. The version I did at the University of Nebraska as part of Roland Vesgo and Marco Abel’s excellent “Humanities on the Edge” series is representative, and can be seen in two parts: 1, 2.

The actual book (for which a brief preview is available here) won’t be available until next fall, but in the meantime I’m planning some further lectures that expand upon my critique of Agamben in The Prince of This World and develop connections between the theology of the devil and the ideology of neoliberalism, which I hope to make available online in some form.

And… I guess that’s all the procrastination value I’m going to get out of this post. Back to the revisions!

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  1. Out of curiosity, given Agamben’s reliance upon Hobbes, did you wade into the theological chapters of the Leviathan where he discusses witchcraft and demonology and miracles? If I recall correct, Bodin also wrote a book on witch hunting.

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