It’s official

Carlo Salzani and I have officially been offered a contract with Edinburgh University Press for our edited volume on Agamben’s sources, which is now entitled Agamben’s Philosophical Lineage. We’ve put together an impressive group of contributors to cover all of Agamben’s major interlocutors in what we hope will be a go-to reference for anyone trying to work out Agamben’s relationship to his sources.

We will be receiving contributions this fall and have agreed to submit the final manuscript January 31, which will most likely lead to publication in the middle of next year. Thanks to Carlo and all our contributors for bringing us to this milestone. The table of contents, with contributors, follows beneath the fold.

Primary Interlocutors:
1. Aristotle (Jussi Backman)
2. Benjamin (Carlo Salzani)
3. Debord (Dave Mesing)
4. Foucault (Vanessa Lemm)
5. Heidegger (Mathew Abbott)
6. Paul (Ted Jennings)
7. Schmitt (Sergei Prozorov)

Points of Reference:
1. Arendt (John Grumley)
2. Bataille (Nadine Hartmann)
3. Benveniste (Henrik Wilberg)
4. Dante (Paolo Bartoloni)
5. Deleuze (Claire Colebrook)
6. Freud (Virgil Brower)
7. Hegel (Wendell Kisner)
8. Hölderlin (Henrik Wilberg)
9. Kafka (Anke Snoek)
10. Kant (Susan Brophy)
11. Lacan (Frances Restuccia)
12. Nietzsche (Vanessa Lemm)
13. Plato (Mika Ojakangas)
14. Plotinus (Mårten Björk)
15. Sade (Christian Grünnagel)
16. Spinoza (Jeffrey Bernstein)
17. Warburg (Adi Efal)

Submerged Dialogues:
1. Adorno (Colby Dickinson)
2. Derrida (Markus Hardtmann)
3. Marx (Jessica Whyte)
4. Negri (Ingrid Diran)
5. Scholem (Julia Ng)
6. Weil (Beatrice Marovich)