Interview on the devil on — get this — ABC 666

While I was in Canberra, I was interviewed by the local public radio affiliate, ABC 666, about my work on the devil, and Fergus Armstrong graciously extracted an mp3 from the streaming audio file. Thanks to him, to Monique Rooney for helping to set it up, and to Genevieve Jacobs for a very enjoyable conversation!

2 thoughts on “Interview on the devil on — get this — ABC 666

  1. Hi Adam. Sorry not to live close enough to Canberra to hear your talk, but this was interesting and I noted there is a talk on youtube along these lines which I saw. I was wondering what you think of this take on Jesus’ purported encounter with the devil at the beginning of his ministery. Is this not more realistic and probable a circumstance; the encounter being with his friend Judas? Gibran’s book on him is closer to true portroyal if Jesus than any other account I think.

  2. I don’t know or care whether there are any real events, or if so what they were, behind the Gospel accounts of Jesus’ encounter with the devil, when there cannot have been any witnesses in any case. I do worry that aligning the devil with Judas plays into anti-Semitism, when it is much more likely that an apocalyptic Jewish preacher would view the Roman occupiers as the devil (and might do symbolic things like, I don’t know, casting out a horde of demons who share the name of a well-known Roman military division).

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