AUFS at the AAR/SBL 2016

Various AUFS contributors will be giving papers or presiding at the AAR in San Antonio this year. Here’s a list of some of the places you’ll find us; feel free to use the comments below to highlight any panels/papers/buffets AUFS readers might be especially interested in.

Comparative Theology Group and Roman Catholic Studies Group
Theme: Comparative Theologies of Creation: Engaging Pope Francis’ Laudato Si’
Saturday – 1:00 PM-3:30 PM
Convention Center-007B (River Level)
In Laudato Si’, Pope Francis traces the origin of the ecological crisis to the “technocratic paradigm” and proposes a “Gospel of Creation” to assert the goodness and intrinsic value of Earth’s creatures, beyond their use to humans, and to embed the human person within a “universal communion” of creatures. In addition, Pope Francis encourages all religions “to dialogue among themselves for the sake of protecting nature.” This panel will explore comparative theologies of creation, or of cosmological order of some kind for traditions in which there is no “Creator,” to explore conceptual frameworks that can spur all traditions to protect nature. Panelists will draw on Hindu, Buddhist, American Indian, and Confucian theologians in dialogue with Christian interlocutors to explore themes of cosmic belonging, traditions of visualization, the liquidity of landscapes, and creatio ex profundis/qi. The respondent will identify promising similarities and crucial differences between the four presentations.

Daniel Scheid, Duquesne University
Cosmic Belonging in Catholic and Hindu Theologies of Creation

Thomas Cattoi, Graduate Theological Union
Laudato Si’ and a Broader Vision of Reality: Theologies of Purified Vision in Theodore the Studite and Bokar Rinpoche

Jea Sophia Oh, West Chester University of Pennsylvania
Pope Francis’ Integral Ecology and a Nondualistic Interconnected Cosmology in Catherine Keller and Neo-Confucian Zhang Zai

June-Ann Greeley, Sacred Heart University
A Comparative Eco-Theology of Water: Correspondences between Pope Francis and Native American Cosmologies

Anthony Paul Smith, La Salle University
The Limits of the Common: A Decolonial Reading of Laudato Si’

Reid Locklin, University of Toronto

Theology and Continental Philosophy Group
Theme: Race, Capital, and Resistance
Unregistered Participant, Presiding
Saturday – 4:00 PM-6:30 PM
Convention Center-206A (2nd Level – West)
A series of investigations into the complex relationship between race and capitalism and the importance of attention to both factors in resisting neoliberal hegemony.

David Kline, Rice University
Resisting White American Christian Immunity: Theo-Pragmatics and Autoimmune Openings

Anthony Paul Smith, La Salle University
Exiled from the World: The Figure of the Black Muslim in Continental Philosophy of Religion

Timothy Snediker, University of California, Santa Barbara
Theodicy of Money: Capitalism, Christianity, and the Apparatus of Forgiveness

Andrew Krinks, Vanderbilt University
Property Lines and the Production of Personhood: On the Theo-Logics of Racial Capitalism

Beatrice Marovich, Hanover College

Liberation Theologies Group and Religion, Holocaust, and Genocide Group
Theme: Refugee Crisis: Past and Present
Alana Vincent, University of Chester, Presiding
Sunday – 5:00 PM-6:30 PM
Convention Center-207B (2nd Level – West)
This panel will expose and explore the resonance or dissonance between refugees in the 1930s and 1940s with that in the present day. This includes examinations or analyses of the treatment of refugees or the discourses (e.g. political, social, religious or economic) that surround them.

Marika Rose, Durham University
Fantasies of Europe: Žižek, Liberation Theology, and the Refugee Crisis

Jordan Rowan Fannin, Baylor University
Getting Hold of the Wrong Horror: Misperceptions of Violence in the Plight of Refugees Past and Present

Ulrich Schmiedel, Ludwig-Maximilians-University of Munich
Mourning the Un-Mournable: Rethinking Dignity in-between Refugees and Religion

Christian Systematic Theology Section
Theme: The Spirit: Engaging Christian Traditions
Holly Taylor Coolman, Providence College, Presiding
Monday – 1:00 PM-3:30 PM
Convention Center-215 (2nd Level – West)

Unregistered Participant
Contested Pneumatologies: J. Daniélou and G. Thils on the Role of the Holy Spirit in the 20th c. Theology of History Debates

Harald Hegstad, MF Norwegian School of Theology
Overcoming the Pneumatological Deficit of the Doctrine of Justification

Ekaterina Lomperis, University of Chicago
Discerning the Early Protestant Spirit: Martin Luther, Medical Cessationism, and the Spirit’s Work of Healing

Marika Rose, Durham University
Tongues of Fire, Thrones of Fire: Angels and the Spirit in Dionysius the Areopagite and Thomas Aquinas