Hegel, Marx and Dialectical Thought syllabus

The third and final course I’m teaching this semester is on Hegel, Marx and Dialectical Thinking. As with everything I’ve ever taught, I’ve begged, borrowed and stolen ideas from friends, enemies and a whole bunch of people who happened to put their syllabi on the internet (god bless you all), but I’m especially indebted in this case to Timothy Secret and Tom O’Shea who were both extremely generous with their comments and suggestions. I’ve tried to build some later critical engagements with Hegel into the earlier part of the course and generally to intermingle recent works with older ones, which I’m hoping will open up some more interesting conversations than if we’d done it chronologically. The full module handbook, including weekly readings and essay questions, is available here, but the outline of the course is as follows:

WEEK 1: Introducing Hegel and Dialectics

WEEK 2: The Master/Slave Dialectic

WEEK 3: Hegel in Context

WEEK 4: Hegel and Recognition

WEEK 5: Dialectical Materialism?

WEEK 6: Marx and Alienation


WEEK 8: Social Reproduction

WEEK 9: Critical Theory

WEEK 10: Marxist Feminism

WEEK 11: Black Marxism

WEEK 12: Essay Workshop

One thought on “Hegel, Marx and Dialectical Thought syllabus

  1. Hi, Marika
    Thank you so much for making the syllabus available, this seems like such an exciting module. I’m a philosophy undergraduate at a university in Southern Europe and it’s disheartening to see how far ahead higher education in the UK seems to be – I’ve studied Hegel and Marx, but in a much more atomized manner, and with no Kojeve or Fanon in sight. I hope your students know how lucky and privileged they are.
    All the best, and please keep sharing these, I really appreciate your recommended readings.

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