Lecture on Trump and neoliberalism

Last week, I gave a brief talk at North Central College about the relationship between Trump and neoliberalism, which was part of a series of TED Talk-style events hosted by the Political Science Department. Video is now available, and a full archive of all previous talks in the series can be found here.

The talk was pitched at an undergrad audience, and I was pretty happy with the solution I devised to the problem of how to define neoliberalism in an economical way. The basic thrust of my argument anticipates my conclusions from Neoliberalism’s Demons, albeit in a very compressed way.

4 thoughts on “Lecture on Trump and neoliberalism

  1. Thanks for sharing. Trump seemingly shares the same aims as Fordism, richer white middle class, but uses neoliberal means to get there. The irony being that the means undercuts the ends, middle class continues to shrink whist minorities and foriegners are attributed blame.

  2. Your talk side stepped the argument about neoliberalism curing stagflation, which l thought would be key part to economical definition of neoliberalism. Omitted due to time containts or for some other reason?

  3. I left that out due to time constraints, yes. Stagflation was what I meant by the “serious economic problems” Fordism was facing. I also don’t think neoliberalism was the only possible answer to stagflation, and it “worked” only at great cost — basically, a man-made recession that permanently crushed wage growth.

  4. Right, the “cure” was worse than the illness. I guess the best way to counter the neolib narrative on stagflation would be to point to the fact they downplay supply side shock, and apportioned unwarranted failure on supply side economics for self serving ends.

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